Absolutely, positively  ... some of the best darn places on the world-wide web.  

  1. The  Microsoft  web site:   Maybe the best web site, anytime any place.   

  2. YAHOO:   Get  FREE  e-mail for life  ...  and so much more!!!   

  3. GOOGLE:  Find what you want ... and find it FAST!!   

  4.   The U.S. Chess Federation:  One of the best places for finding out about chess in your neck of the woods.    

  5.   The WORLD Chess Federation.  (FIDE)     

  6.  ChessBase -  Get all the best in chess ... the best programs .... AND the latest in chess news!   

  7.  The London CC - Quite simply  - - -  One of the  BEST  chess places on the web!!!    

  8.  The (Internet) Chess Coffee Shop and Cafe:  Read good articles, and buy ALL your chess books ...   
     and equipment as well!!!!! 

  9.  The Internet Chess Club  -  Download 'Blitzin,'  and then play everyone on the  WWW-CC  place to be!!!    

  10.   Play chess for free!!!     

  11.   The  web site   (Chess-Metrics)  of Jeff Sonas:  Look up the ratings of chess players ... past and present!!!   

  12.   The CHESS-GAMES  web site:  Look up ........ and then play over,  literally thousands of chess games.      

  13.   Chess  ...  on the  "About" server.     

  14.   The  web site  for the  INFORMANT!!     

  15.   Chess  on the  web site   for the  L.A. Times!!!      

  16.   An on-line  ...  chess magazine!    

  17.   More  chess  ... play, study, or solve problems!     

 Send me your favorite web site!!   

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