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On this page, I will have some nice problems to solve. These are meant to be all ranges and all types of problems. 
(Aug. 27th, 2004.) 

I could have endings, puzzles like "White to move and win," that were culled from actual games, and even composed positions like, "White to move and mate in two or three moves."  And also endings like: "White to play and draw." 

Later I will add a solutions page ... although in the day and age of computer chess, that really is no longer necessary. (Enter the position into your favorite chess program, if you are really stumped.)  

If you solved this problem (or problems) with a computer ... good for you.  (Just DON'T tell me about it!) 

prob_01.jpg, 40 KB

  Puzzle number # 01.  

  White to move and mate in two moves.  (Posted: August 27th, 2004.)  

prob_02.jpg, 46 KB

  Puzzle number # 02.  

  White to move and win.  (Aug. 2004)  

  (In the above diagrammed position, Black played  ...B/c8xa6;  apparently winning material.  
  What move did White respond with?)  

prob_03.jpg, 41 KB

  Puzzle number # 03.  

  A composed ending.  "White to play and win."  (August, 2004.)  

  This is a very difficult problem, some of the lines run 20-30 moves deep.  

prob_04.jpg, 45 KB

  Puzzle number # 04.  

  White to move.  (August, 2004.)  

Black's last move was 18...Qxb7. White is down in material, an exchange and a Pawn. He has some (small) comfort in that his opponent lags - just slightly in his development. How does White continue form this position?  

 prob_50megs05.gif, 08 KB

  White to move and win. (# 05.)  

Black just retreated his Knight to b8 ... how did White take advantage of the current set-up? 

prob_50megs06.gif, 07 KB

  Black to move in this position. (# 06.)  

The second player actually played ...Rg5 here, and eventually drew. How can Black improve? 

 prob_50megs07.gif, 07 KB

  White to move in this position. (# 07.)  

Black just moved his Knight to attack White's Queen here, how should the first player respond?  

 prob_50megs08.gif, 07 KB

  Black to move in this position. (# 08.)  

It is obvious that the White King is on a very awkward square, how does Black take advantage? 

  [This set posted on:  Sunday;  November 07th, 2004.]   



All the diagrams on this page are original, I did not copy anyone else's work. This is all original work - generated expressly for this website.  

All of these diagrams were generated with the excellent little program,  Chess Captor 2.25

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